About TeamMeet Shiksha

Shiksha is a solution for online learning management taking the students away from the conventional chalk and talk methodology into the world of virtual learning with simulated LIVE classrooms no matter where they are.

Have you been using a generic online meeting application to educate your students?

Benzfab never believed in the one-size-fits-all model. We believe in catering to our users’ specific needs. So, we bring to you Shiksha – to provide the seamless learning experience that every student deserves

Major Features

Multimedia integration

Bulk course easy backup

Multilingual capability

Exams, Quizzes & Assignments

Security & mass enrolment

Regular feature/ security updates

How Shiksha Works?

Real-life simulated Dedicated classrooms

The app allows creation of dedicated virtual classrooms for teachers and students through a one-time setup. All the student needs to do is just enter the classroom and then classes would be conducted in the same virtual space everyday.

Attendance : The app automatically registers the attendance and frees the teacher from this manual admin task

Whiteboard : The digital whiteboard with co-editing feature enables multiple teachers to engage with students simultaneously

Interactive Chat : An efficient two-way communication using which teachers can communicate with entire class and students can ask questions/ doubts to teachers or have interactive discussions among themselves.

Teacher/Administrator Controls : Teachers/Administrators have special controls over the classroom i.e, they can control the audio and video of all students as well as invite and remove participants from class

Exams & Assignments

Quizzes - Organise quizzes for students

Exams - Conduct online exams with hidden CAM access to monitor the exams

Results - Publish results and notify the students within the app

Above and Beyond

Having online classes facilitates learning at a much faster pace and opens a plethora of opportunities for better learning for both teachers and students.

Classroom Recordings

Unlike real life where a student just has one chance to attend the lecture, the students can record classes and store the recordings offline, enabling them to repeat lectures and learn at their own pace

Content Management

Teachers can share study materials, course content, audio and video files easily with all students. They can also share screens or share videos directly from Youtube during clas


Teachers can use the app to give assignments to students. The app monitors the deadline and takes submissions from students only within the allotted period. The teachers can then view and grade the assignments directly on the app.


The SIP Calling feature enables a student to dial-in and listen to the classroom proceedings even when he is on a bad data network


Students can quickly check the meaning of any new words, which they come across during the class, without changing windows


Teachers can conduct polls to facilitate activities during the class and customize certificates to be issued to students on course completion

UserAccess Control


Has full control over the Site, Users & Virtual Classrooms

Creates users i.e., Teacher and Students

Creates Virtual Classrooms and Courses and assigns Teachers and Students to it

Can perform every activity of the Teachers


Manages student enrolment and handles course content

Sets rules for completion of the course and oversees other activities within the virtual classroom

Actions can only be performed for assigned virtual classrooms


Attends virtual classes and collaborates within the class under the guidance of Teachers

Submits assignments and takes part in quizzes and presentations

Other Ways Shiksha can help you

  • CBSE Course Content

    Get access to inbuilt CBSE Course Content

  • NCRT Course Content

    Get access to NCRT Course Content

  • Free Trial

    We can offer you a 10-days free trial before you make your decision to buy the package

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