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The State Secretariat Service has been the nodal Department of the Odisha State Government. It has played a key role in the maintenance of law and order; prevention and control of crimes; prosecution of criminals besides dealing with Fire Services and Prisons Administration. For running these crucial services in the state, it needs an extensive intra-communication system for effective employee collaboration to ensure seamless experience for the citizens. In 2007, legacy infrastructure of TDM PBX and Copper cables comprising 2000 lines was installed to support the state government employees based out of the State Secretariat building. Communication was smooth and all was well with minimal problems until recently when their requirements changed.

The government body was in a fix when their requirement went up by 1000 lines and the employee size went up by so much that they couldn’t all work out of one building anymore.

Benzfab came in and spent time with the clients to first fully understand what the problem was. We realized that the old technology was completely centralized and everything else was spread using copper cables – we would need to spend a fortune of the government fund to implement this network as copper is expensive.

After understanding the problems, we advised our clients to get onboarded onto the new age digital platform. We suggested the implementation of a data enabled environment with IP PBX server at the core and an optic fiber backbone. To maximize ROI, instead of implementing a new solution from scratch, we made use of the old primitive installation. We upgraded the older TDM server using a converter and enabled its communication with the new IP PBX on the existing SWAN (State Wide Area Network). All communication between the two locations did not need any additional extensive wiring and hugely cut down on costs.

Today we have a hugely scalable solution implemented at the State Secretariat. Instead of the original 2000, this is working as an exchange of 3000, and can be upgraded further enabling communication across multiple locations. The solution implemented is highly affordable as we took advantage of the existing infrastructure and upgraded it to be compliant with the latest technological trends.

This was one of the first instances when the state government was able to witness the power of digital transformation and Benzfab is grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this implementation.

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