COVID Helpline for Odisha Government

COVID has affected the entire world and has brought about major changes. The story is no different in India or in the state of Odisha. When on 23rd March, nationwide lockdown was announced, there was unrest in the country and everybody wanted to return home. Such was the case for a lot of Odias living outside the state. The State Government realized the necessity in setting up a helpline service for all these people who wanted to return home– everyone needed to be registered, all travel needed to be coordinated with the respective state governments and so on.

To start with, they realized that the current infrastructure would only support upto 15 lines in parallel. The first day itself, all lines choked in a mere 4 hours, creating chaos and havoc. They started brainstorming on how to move to a 30 channel or 60 channel or even a 100 channel model but they knew they had to act soon as the clock was ticking and people were getting more and more desperate to connect with the state government to return home.

Benzfab came into the picture to turn the COVID desperation into innovation. We realized that that existing PRI model would not be able to support the current expansion in number of channels. Capacity had to be doubled overnight and we needed new PRI cards for this. In a situation where even the smallest shop was closed and all mobility was restricted, we knew we did not have the flexibility to ship the required materials from abroad or even within the country. We knew we had to act soon before things started collapsing.

That is when Benzfab took the decision to migrate from a PRI based to a SIP based calling system. The current circumstances demand for a model where things can be done remotely and there is minimal dependency on hardware. We started by talking to BSNL to increase the bandwidth to the required level. Next, our very capable team worked from their respective homes to install the newest-technology based model and the rest is history. The State government was able to transition to a smooth, scalable model in just hours.

We breathed a sign of relief once we saw calls flowing in smoothly and people being able to connect with the Government not just through calls but also texts. But we were yet to see light at the end of the tunnel. Just as the calls started coming in, the Government realized that they couldn’t have so many calling agents operate from the same space, without defying social distancing rules. Benzfab came into the picture yet again and resolved the problem by tapping onto the VLAN routing system which let the agents be scattered and operate from different locations.

In these difficult times, rather than giving into the obvious problems, Benzfab believes in looking above and beyond. We are really honored to have been a part of this process of successfully evacuating Odia people from their locations and safely bringing them home.

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